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Teacher at the front of the class Why is a knowledge based curriculum no longer fit for purpose? December 7, 2018 by PeterT Posted in: Explanation

What is a knowledge based curriculum?

I was in a school recently that described itself as having a 'knowledge-based curriculum'. Walking round the school with the head the key elements of this, which seem to be common across most secondary schools that I have visited, were: (more…)

The Innovative Pedagogy Framework December 5, 2018 by PeterT Posted in: Description

One of the challenges facing the NP3 team was how to describe and differentiate between the pedagogical practices in the classrooms that we were researching. In essence, what were the key features of practice that needed to be considered in order to differentiate between the teaching in each setting? The obvious answer seemed to be to use core theories of learning and development as the basis for a framework to help us compare pedagogy across contexts.  (more…)

Kids Facetiming with grandpa The Digital Practice Framework December 4, 2018 by PeterT Posted in: Description

How do you describe how young people are using digital technology outside school in ways that are concise yet comprehensive enough to allow meaningful comparisons across instances?  (more…)

The Digital Technology Impact Framework The Digital Technology Impact Framework (DTIF) November 30, 2018 by PeterT Posted in: Description

How do you describe how digital technology is being used in education in a way that is concise yet allows useful comparison across contexts?  The Digital Technology Impact Framework highlights key elements of practice involving digital technology across three dimensions. (more…)

Roger Broadie The digital revolution is irrelevant to schools November 21, 2018 by Guest Posted in: Explanation, Opinion

By Roger Broadie

Having spent 35 years of my life trying to help schools embrace the digital revolution, that has so dramatically changed almost every other aspect of life, my conclusions on why schools seem so resistant have come as a shock. But there have to be reasons why (more…)