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Boy looking through fence We need schome August 23, 2019 by PeterT Posted in: Opinion

In a series of earlier posts based on my OU inaugural lecture I outlined why school is a problem, how we should teach and what young people should learn. This implied far reaching changes to schooling as we know it today. However, I suspect that I didn't go far enough. In this post I suggest that we need to think even more radically about schooling (see Figure 1). (more…)

I'm off to Australia Moving to Australia August 16, 2019 by PeterT Posted in: Explanation, Opinion

After nearly 24 years working at the Open University in the UK - most recently as Professor of Education (Futures) - I have decided to move to Australia (as Professor of Education (Innovation in schooling and educational technology) at the University of Newcastle (in NSW). Several people have asked me 'Why?'.


Curriculum What should be learnt? August 9, 2019 by PeterT Posted in: Explanation, Opinion

During my inaugural I asked participants to rank how important they thought a number of different possible 'learning outcomes' would be in 2033. The results are shown in Figure 1 below. As you can see the highest ranked item was (more…)

Book cover for Quantitative Ethnography Brief review of Quantitative Ethnography (Shaffer 2017) August 2, 2019 by PeterT Posted in: Description, Opinion

As nobody wanted to give me a review copy I went out and bought this book, and I’m glad I did. It is a good book – it is an important book – indeed I think every researcher (whether coming from a positivist or interpretivist standpoint) would benefit from reading it. (more…)

Boy asleep on laptop How should we teach? July 27, 2019 by PeterT Posted in: Explanation, Opinion

In my last post I set out why I thought schooling as it currently exists is a problem. In this post I start to explore possible solutions - specifically by looking at how we ought to teach.