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The Funnels of Influence (Part 2) March 23, 2021 by Fiona Aubrey-Smith Posted in: Explanation, Uncategorized

...continued from part 1

The Funnel of Influence from The Context

We know that there are many different influences affecting a Context. For example, if we think ‘big picture’ we can recognise the effects of Culture, Politics, Global Shifts, Economics, Media, Law and (more…)

The Funnels of Influence (Part 1) March 23, 2021 by Fiona Aubrey-Smith Posted in: Explanation

This article is a short informal summary of an extensive literature review undertaken as part of a recently published EdD thesis. Aubrey-Smith, F., (2020) An exploration of the relationship between teachers’ pedagogical stance and the use of ICT in their classroom practice. EdD Thesis. The Open University.

As teachers, what we say, what we intend to do, what we live out through our actions, and what we implicitly believe, are often subtly different (Tannen, 2015). Each of these are a result of many different influences. (more…)

Models of provision v2 summary Models of provision v2 February 23, 2021 by PeterT Posted in: Description, Explanation, Practice

In a previous post I set out five models of provision spanning face to face to fully online (and well designed) courses. That failed to fully capture at least one 'blended' model. I have reconceptualised the models - resulting in this new 'framework'. (more…)

Research Invested Schools Teachers as researchers February 18, 2021 by PeterT Posted in: Explanation, Practice

In previous posts I have talked about the characteristics of effective CPD and have argued that practitioner research is the best form of CPD. In this post I extend the argument to suggest that schools need to become research invested. (more…)

F2F to Online Online learning – there is nothing remote about it December 4, 2020 by Guest Posted in: Opinion

Bob Harrison responds to official comments (in England) about 'remote learning'

As I judged the entries for the Learning Reimagined Awards – which celebrate the most inspirational uses of technology for learning around the world – I could not help reflect on how incredibly quaint and outdated these innovations make the Department for Education’s (DfE's) remote education efforts look. (more…)