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Mastery Transcript Consortium

Mastery Transcript Consortium - a US organisation that is working to bring about pedagogical change (moving to mastery learning) by changing how students are given feedback on assignments (moving from Grades to micro-credits/evidence of meeting desired outcomes) and how this is reported to colleges (i.e. the nature of the transcripts). Key criteria for this reporting being that it isn't standardised (between schools), there are no grades, and the transcript can be read in less than two minutes (by someone familiar with them).

Useful videos 'making the case'

  • Carla's curriculum - illustrates vision and strategy using two models of Carla's day.
  • A broken tool - explains why standardised testing and the use of grades is damaging to education.
  • School shouldn't hurt - looks at increasing levels of stress that students face due to the pressure that schools put on students (to get high grades)
  • How it could work at your school - moving from traditional assessment systems to mastery based assessment model - students/parents offered both routes, same class/courses assessed differently. Rather than grade at end of course you get micro-credits - replace grade (e.g. A to F) with tags/keywords showing which 'competences' the assignment shows evidence about.

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