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Old data logging kit looking for a good home

I have some old (ex OU) equipment that needs a new home:

  • A range of data logging equipment (which should probably be kept as one set)
  • 3 Digiscope digital microscopes
  • A set of EZClickpro clicker and infra red sensor (class response system)

Ideally we'd like to give this kit (free) to a school, maker space or other organisation that is involved in problem or project based learning. The important thing being that the kit will actually be used.

The kit is all old - software for older versions of Windows - but much of it doesn't look like it has had much use. I don't know whether new drivers are available or how easy it would be to get them to work ...

Below is more info/images of all of the kit ...

If you are interested then respond to this post or use the contact form to get in touch saying which of the three items you would like to have.

Data Harvest data logging equipment

This should probably all be kept as one set

  • Fifteen Easy Sense Advanced data hubs with power supplies

Data Harvest data hubs

  • Ten RS232 to USB converters with drivers for WinME, Win2000, Win98SE and WinXP.

RS232 to USB converter

  • Fifteen (ish) temperature probes

Temperature probe

  • Fifteen (ish) light level sensors

Light level sensor

  • Fifteen (ish) 'smoke' sensors (I have no idea what these are but they look like the shine a light out of one of the open ends of the loopy thing and have a sensor in the other open end)

Smoke sensor

  • Fifteen (ish) PH Adaptors

PH adaptor

  • Four PH electrodes

PH Electrode

DigiScope DS-300

There are three of these.

Digiscope front of boxDigiscope side of box

Digiscope back of box Digiscope other side of box Clickpro audience response system

A set of EZ ClickPro clickers, with infra red sensor and software in a carry case. Made by Aclasstechnology . The software (on CD) is for Windows XP.

Clickpro set in case


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