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3 thoughts on “We should teach computational thinking in schools

  1. Fiona

    To what extent could the strands of computational thinking be tools for tackling wider life skills / strategies for EBD intervention etc? For example, debugging as learning from mistakes/ resilience, decomposition as problem solving, UI as empathy, etc?
    Does this lend itself to intervention with specific groups of children with EBD needs who are perhaps more interested in computing than traditional more ‘feminized’ (for want of a better word) pastoral interventions?

    1. PeterT

      I think teaching computational thinking could be used as a vehicle to develop 'wider life skills' (though I don't feel qualified to comment on EBD intervention - and tend to resist such labelling of people).

      Debugging/learning from mistakes/resilience/.. - yes - to which I would add things like 'Growth Mindset', collaboration (who programmes in isolation these days?!), etc..

      The key, as with many things in education, is how it is taught.


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